Planners and Notebooks

Looking to become more organised ? Then planers and notebooks are something you need.

Planers and notebooks aren’t only good looking, but they’re also very practical. They’ll help you make sure that you don’t forget anything important as well as help you plan out your activities. Something we recommend when it comes to introducing your baby to solid foods is to plan out their “menus”, so that he gets to experience and learn about new food each day. This is something you can write down in your planner to make sure that you don’t always prepare the same meal over and over, which can lead to your baby becoming a picky eater. Planers and notebooks make for an excellent gift for a new mommy or even for someone who just found out they’re going to become a mommy.

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Tri-Coastal Design® Set 4 blokcev z memo listki Lavander Inspiration

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Tri-Coastal Design® Set 6 blokcev z lepilnimi listki Blossom

15.76 $ 12.61 $
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Tri-Coastal Design® Set pisalnih pripomočkov

21.39 $
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Tri-Coastal Design® Komplet 6 pisal na Pike

13.51 $
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Tri-Coastal Design® Memo listki Gold

11.25 $
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Tri-Coastal Design® Radirka Blossom

6.75 $ 4.04 $
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