Baby Cosmetics

Your child’s skin deserves the best care and the softest touch.

Children’s cosmetics are key for when it comes to nurturing their fragile and sensitive skin. Linea Mamma Baby was founded on the belief, that they can offer the highest quality cosmetics to help protect children’s skin. These products are made from biological produced plant extracts and from eco-friendly local farms. They don’t contain any colouring agents, any sodium sulphate or any harmful ingredients. The company Sophie La Giraffe has a wide selection of cosmetics that are 99,99 % made from natural ingredients, while the company Uriage focused on giving your children the best with their products. All of Uriage’s products have one thing in common…They’re all based on thermal water, which soothes and nurtures even the most sensitive skin type. Only the best for you and your children !

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Linea MammaBaby Sunscreen SPF 30+ Angelina

16.92 £ 13.53 £
In stock

Linea MammaBaby Zeta Baby lotion Zenino 100ml

13.35 £ 10.68 £
In stock

Linea MammaBaby Sunscreen Sole Baby SPF 50+ Albertino

19.59 £ 15.67 £
In stock

Linea MammaBaby After Sun Lotion Giovannino with added neem oil for insect protection

14.25 £ 9.97 £
In stock

Linea MammaBaby Bio Soap Cesarino

6.23 £ 5.29 £
In stock

Linea MammaBaby Care Set

22.26 £
In stock

Sophie la Girafe® Baby Starter Kit

15.06 £
In stock

Sophie la Girafe® SLG Baby Oil 200ml

16.84 £
In stock

Linea MammaBaby Baby Bottom Cream

9.79 £
In stock

Uriage® 1st Cleansing Oil 500ml

16.78 £
Check availability

Linea MammaBaby Baby Sun Travel Kit

26.72 £ 22.71 £
In stock

Uriage® 1er Zaščitna mineralna krema spf 50+ 50ml + GRATIS Uriage Bebe termalna voda 50ml

13.57 £ 10.85 £
In stock

Linea MammaBaby Linea Cortesia Pochette

11.57 £
In stock

Uriage® 1er Bebe Otroški robčki 1+1 gratis

4.99 £ 4.24 £
In stock

Uriage® 1er Bebe Gel za pomirjanje srbečice 100ml

9.79 £ 8.32 £
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Linea MammaBaby Baby Shampoo No Tears

12.46 £
In stock

Uriage® 1st Cleansing Wipes 70 Pcs

4.90 £ 4.16 £
In stock